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It’s Your Menu - Personalization

Time to show off innovations being adapted by your Restaurant, stamp your name on this awesome menu by adding logo and brand messages. You can anytime change your way of showing your brand and tag line as per season, festivals and local culture.

HD Pictures and Videos – A Feel !!!

Let’s realize how important the presentation of delicious food is. With high definition pictures and videos you can just grab all the senses of Guest and make him order more than he had thought of.

Smart Pricing in your hands

Market Conditions, Demands of Specific Item and Social Ratings change every day, which encourage Management to be flexible on Item Prices. Now you don’t have to wait for weeks or months to be market responsive and changes can be done in a day. You can have a smart control on pricing of menu items.

Appreciate your staff – Mean it

Our System tracks each event of Order Life Cycle and maintains the database for Analytical Purposes. Our System can generate reports for your staff’s (Waiter, Chef and Manager) performances and Table utilization over week, month or year.

Point of Sale – An Integration

Our menu solution can be well integrated with your standard POS for Billing completion and subsequent steps, however it also depends on application/software used in your legacy POS.

Table Management

SpicyFi shows the complete online table layout of the restaurant even for multiple floors. Guest Attendant can have view of all tables and can reserve while standing outside only. Any order completion would automatically change the Table Status.

Go Green

We should realize that no generation in history has been so serious about environment as it is today and that’s why Guests make a wise choice for each penny they spend on Leisure. You can be the first restaurant choice if pay respect by choosing paperless Ordering and Billing. Guests can opt to get bills on his email id as well.

Specialty of Chef

God has made everyone special, so are the chefs in restaurants. Our Menu solution has an engine to assign the ordered item to the Chef with specialty. Our system is intelligent enough to track which item of which chef is most liked by Guests, which helps restaurant to identify his specialty and our system can assign that item always to that Chef.

Multi Language

Let each Guest feel touched by your special care of speaking their language through menu. We can customize solution in any set of language you want. We can customize the solution as per regions, country and continents.

Customization for Printer !!!

eMenu can be attached to the dedicated receipt printer on Cloud. If any restaurant wants to run eMenu without integration with POS system, a dedicated printer can print the bar code to get the order completion at POS.

Intact Master Order

Guests always want to keep ordering till he is sitting on the table, which is of course good for business. Our solution caters that by keeping Master Order intact and track multiple cycles of order into that. Order can be recalled as and when guest wants next cycle of ordering.

Payment Gateways

Our Menu Solution can be used as a complete Order Management System by its integration with several Payment Gateways. This customization is available on request and is subject to cost on the requirements of number of Modes, Security and Currency allowed.


We offer packages with hardware and software solutions combined. You can choose a range from Costliest to Reasonably priced hardware devices that can fit in your budget.

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